who are we

We are a Smart Data and Analytics company for the Internet of Things (IoT). We are data enthusiasts and cloud experts passionate about making IoT smarter. Mnubers are on a constant quest to transform ‘connected things’ into ‘smart objects’

what do we do

We aim to analyze the world’s IoT data to make it more valuable.
Our open, easy-to-use cloud platform enables OEMs to connect, collect, analyze and act on their object data to deliver strategic insights, actionable intelligence and richer apps

why work with us

We work with IoT players across consumer, enterprise and industrial verticals to help them realize the true potential of their sensor data.
Our experience in data management and real-time analytics makes us a key partner in your IoT ecosystem

We’re excited to partner with mnubo to show consumers how a smart home ecosystem can enhance their lives in ways they haven’t even thought of yetLetha McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer of Icontrol Networks.
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