A Data-First Checklist For Choosing The Right IoT Solution
by March 7, 2017

Reasons to connect everyday products are no longer confined to the ‘Jetsons’ fantasy of an automated world. As technologies become more affordable and accessible, more and more consumer and industrial…

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Connected, Now What; Preparing for the HVACR Data Revolution
by February 21, 2017

CONNECTED, NOW WHAT; PREPARING FOR THE HVACR DATA REVOLUTION TAKEAWAYS FROM AHR 2017 The AHR show in Las Vegas brought together a collection of the most innovative HVACR companies in…

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CES 2017: Innovation Hotbed or IoT Graveyard?
by January 16, 2017

CES 2017: INNOVATION HOTBED OR IoT GRAVEYARD? USING PRODUCT DATA TO DELIVER AND DIFFERENTIATE Every year, at the start of the new year, thousands of attendees pour into Sands Expo and…

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Understanding Your Data Is Key In Delivering a Complete Smart Home Experience

  KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM CONNECTIONS EUROPE – AMSTERDAM, NOV 2016 Last week, mnubo attended the annual CONNECTIONS Europe event in Amsterdam hosted by Parks Associates. Like in previous years, the…

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Empower a Data-Driven Aftermarket & Improve Your Bottom Line

WHAT IS THE AFTERMARKET The “aftermarket” can generally be defined as a secondary market that supplies accessories, spare parts, second-hand equipment and other goods or services used in repair and…

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MYTH 1: THE INTERNET OF THINGS IS JUST ABOUT CONNECTING THINGS The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an over-marketed term and as a result, its importance is often classified…

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What does it really take to work for a Start-up?

BEER BELLIES, BUBBLE SOCCER & FREE LUNCH WHAT DOES IT REALLY TAKE TO WORK FOR A STARTUP? As the euphoria of summer vacation comes to a striking halt, it’s time…

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Overcoming IoT Connectivity & Data Challenges [Part 2]

GETTING IoT-READY – SO, YOU WANT TO GET CONNECTED? OVERCOMING IoT CONNECTIVITY & DATA CHALLENGES PART 2 Battle of the protocols – protocols, physical layer and connectivity platform/module selection (part…

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Overcoming IoT Connectivity & Data Challenges [Part 1]

GETTING IoT-READY – SO, YOU WANT TO GET CONNECTED? OVERCOMING IoT CONNECTIVITY & DATA CHALLENGES The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as the development of the Internet in which…

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Benefits of a turnkey IoT Analytics solution

To illustrate the benefits of a purpose-built IoT analytics solution, I will use the example of a carpenter building a new home. You have the planning, design and carpentry skills and…

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