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The Internet of Things (IoT), a network of physical objects embedded with sensors and network connectivity, has received enormous attention over the past five years. Armed with the ability to transform archaic industries, the IoT is a topic that will continue to dominate business conversations. However, a connected object in itself has little to no business value. IoT Data Analytics are required to extract business relevant insights, insights that prompt action and result in measurable business value.

For years IoT has been plagued by marketing buzz words and inflated expectations, but to quote JF Martin, mnubo’s head of products, “in order for the Internet of Things to reach its plateau of productivity, the industry needs to get back to basics and clearly state the potential ROI and business value that can be derived from IoT sensor data”. Rather than focus on vague, non-relatable buzzwords such as machine learning, prescriptive heuristics, non-semantic models, and so on that are contributors to some of the currently inflated expectations.

To find out how IoT analytics empower object makers and manufacturers to become data-driven, read the article “IoT Analytics, There & Back Again”.

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