mnubo speaking and exhibiting at Connections Europe | Amsterdam, NL

Jennifer Sewell, head of Product Marketing at mnubo, will participate as a speaker at the 11 th -annual Connections Europe, on November 3rd, in Amsterdam. She will join the “IoT Infrastructure: The Impact of Data Analytics” panel alongside Seb Chakraborty from British Gas Connected Homes and Oliver Cockcroft from Ayla Networks, on November 3rd at 4:45pm. The panel will discuss the impact of IoT Data Analytics on the consumer and vendor levels and the importance of providing insights that can drive competitive differentiation.

Additionally, mnubo will be showcasing live demos of the SmartObjects IoT Analytics solution. We would love to discuss how our Data Analytics solution is providing actionable insights to connected product manufacturers. Stop by the booth for a demo! For more information, visit the official conference page.


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October 25, 2016
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