mnubo speaking & exhibiting at CONNECTIONS | San Francisco, US

Aditya Pendyala, Head of Growth and Co founder at mnubo, will speak on the panel “smart home: making products interoperable and easy to use” on Tuesday May 24th at 4:00.

Speaking alongside, Erik Davidson, Director of Products at CEL, and Joe Wytanis, Director of Connected Living and Consumer Technology at Flex, the panel will offer success stories in product design and implementation and outline factors critical to success in today’s high-value, high-volume product space.

Additionally, mnubo will be showcasing live demos of IoT insights in action and would love to discuss how IoT product manufacturers use our platform to get the most value from their connected product data. Stop by the booth for an interactive demo!

For more information, visit the official conference page

May 15, 2016
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