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CaSA’s connected appliances for residential and commercial markets, work with leading HVAC manufacturers and use mnubo to analyze utilization, consumption trends, and deliver value-add to service providers and partners


Analytics for Commercial Equipment

Commercial IoT manufacturers can leverage usage insights from their install base to improve their products and enable new business models. Manufacturers of HVAC, office equipment, vending machines, and other products are empowered with actionable insights to accurately monitor the active life of their deployment:

  • understand asset health and benchmark performance score
  • detect anomalies, failures or deviations
  • optimize cost of after-market services
  • enable predictive maintenance and new data-driven services

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New Business Models
Enable usage-based pricing and other data-driven services to drive new revenue

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Asset Health Scoring
Score equipment health to extend lifetime and reduce cost of downtime

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Operational Efficiency
Monitor usage, manage inventory and supply chain, and proactively plan services


Reduce Truck Rolls
Empower dealers with troubleshooting and predictive insights

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