Icontrol Networks, the company behind the most widely-distributed smart home platform, uses mnubo to understand smart home usage feedback, accelerate product engagement and deliver value-added services for partners and homeowners


Analytics for Smart Home Products

Smart home insights aggregate interactions and events across multiple connected home products – to deliver a deeper understanding of the consumer and how they use their products. This empowers manufacturers and providers to deliver a personalized, seamless experience to homeowners.

Smart home solution providers use mnubo to:

  • build engagement and usage profiles
  • analyze product performance and issues
  • geo and activity analysis of their install base
  • deliver value-added features such as security scoring

Engagement Scoring
Profile homes and understand usage patterns and trends  across all smart products

Usage Behavior
Understand feature usage behavior to focus R&D spend and reduce customer churn

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Customer Service
Proactively identify and troubleshoot installation issues and product failures

Operational Efficiency
Minimize truck rolls (battery replenishment) and optimize schedules with proactive analysis

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