Webinar: Top 5 Urban Myths of IoT

Building a connected product that delivers measurable business value is not easy; maintaining – and growing – that value is even harder. As companies deploy their IoT strategy; myths and hearsay stall the deployment of viable innovations and confuse stakeholders. Sometimes these misconceptions prevent projects from making it to a trial phase, and stretch deployment costs and timelines. In this webinar, Electric Imp, the expert in secure connectivity and IoT middleware, and mnubo, the leader in IoT analytics, will unmask these myths that derail IoT projects and prevent successful go-to-market strategies.

Here are the top 5 IoT myths that founders, Fred Bastien and Hugo Fiennes will discuss, along with Machina Research’s Emil Berthelsen:

  1. Security is too hard, costs too much…. and nobody would target our product, right?
  2. IoT data is too complex… it’s challenging to derive meaningful insights
  3. It’s too risky to rely on a single vendor. DIY is so easy, even for industrial-strength IoT
  4. Production means ditching your prototype
  5. An IoT solution requires a minimum $100M investment
January 27, 2017
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