Business value starts with data

Derive value from your data with the Mnubo AIoT Platform

Empower engineers
& domain experts
Improve ROI of IoT
Accelerate data
science results
Create your data

Explore, learn and make predictions in an intuitive interface

Visualizations & Dashboards
Create dashboards with minimal configuration
Scheduled Offline Reports
Generate and schedule offline reports
Advanced Analytics Libraries
No-coding interface to derive business insights
Embedded Analytics
Embed insights into external applications

AI-driven business solutions across the enterprise lifecycle

Operational Excellence
Prevent issues, improve the way you work, respond quickly
Asset Health Management
Detect anomalies, diagnose asset health, unlock predictive maintenance
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Optimize truck rolls, manage inventory, predict replenishment
Customer Experience & Marketing
Improve customer service, recommend products, predict churn

Collaborative ML workbench built for data scientists

Hosted & fully managed Python notebook development environment
Train and test
Flexible sandbox & production environment to easily experiment
Deploy and productize
Productize to internal or external applications in one click
Schedule the training & prediction of your ML models

Unlock new opportunities with strategic workshops & data science services

IoT Bootcamps
Explore the business drivers of IoT
Executive Workshops
Build a clear assessment and business case
AI & IoT Roadmap Definition
Scope and prioritize your AI journey
Data science services
Complement your in-house development


Data Transformation Solutions

Integrate IoT and operations to enable data-driven decision-making, continuous process improvements, and better business results.

Monitor the health of assets and make timely decisions about repairing and replacing assets to significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Become more efficient by developing just-in-time delivery capabilities, accurate asset tracking, advanced inventory management, and increased logistics transparency

Drive sales with personalized marketing and a deeper understanding of your customers, decrease the cost of issue resolution, and improve the customer experience.


Mnubo AIoT

Mnubo AIoT Platform is built to extract business value from equipment data. Our products provide a solid data foundation as well as a rich suite of data science applications.




Industrial Equipment

Reduce downtime, prevent equipment failure, optimize asset utilization, and extend equipment life




Energy, HVAC
& Buildings

Improve energy efficiency, reduce the cost of truck rolls and enhance customer comfort




Smart Home

Reduce customer churn, enable proactive marketing and servicing, and create new aftermarket services



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