Based in the creative hotbed of Montreal, mnubo’s fast-growing team is comprised of some the world’s best cloud and big data experts. At mnubo, we cultivate a fun-filled start-up culture where our team of thinkers, designers and technologists combine their unique blend of smarts, dedication and passion to innovate solutions for the Internet of Things.
Ahmad quality
Aditi sales
Andrey quality
Ary data scientist
Bartek data visualization
Benoit data visualization
Chad sales
Bruno devOps
David data scientist
David big data development
David platform lead
Diego customer success
Duke operations
Francis devOps | product
Jacob sales
Jacques-Sylvain customer success
Jean quality
Jenn marketing
Jeremy data visualization
Jeremy data visualization
Jérome big data development
Jules sales
Manuel software developer
Kalyna Sales
Marc devOps
Massimiliano sales
Philippe customer success
Sebastien devOps lead
Xiao quality
Yaacoub big data development
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