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1 min readFrederic Bastien, CEO and co founder, will sit on the “Born Global avec [...]

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Frederic Bastien, CEO and co founder, will sit on the “Born Global avec les Bronfman” panel on May 26th, 2016 at C2 MTL. This interactive panel will take a closer look at leading Quebec startups who are exporting their products/services globally.

Sitting alongside Rami Karam, Thirdshelf Co Founder, and Gwendal Creurer, Bec Cola Co Founder, Frederic will discuss what internationalization means for a company offering intangible products and services.

Some of the features topics include:

  • How do you prepare for the differences in culture?
  • How do you manage the diversity of your customers and their expectations?
  • How is the business model and positioning affected when you go international?
  • Is ‘grow fast or die fast’ a must when it comes to disruptive technologies?


About Thirdshelf
Thirdshelf is a cloud-based loyalty marketing platform for independent retailers. Through machine learning, it allows merchants to easily deploy highly effective data-driven loyalty programs designed to automatically bring customers back in-store and increase transaction size. For more, visit: www.thirdshelf.com 

About Bec Cola
Bec Soda Inc. est une entreprise créée par trois jeunes entrepreneurs. Bec Soda Inc. se spécialise dans la fabrication et la distribution de sodas biologiques, sucrés aux saveurs du Québec. For more, visit: www.bec-cola.com