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Why you Should Transform your Consumer IoT Product into a Monitored Service

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One of the largest global beverage and consumer product brands launched the world’s first connected beer fridge with the help of IoT data. This guide explores how smart fridge data analytics brings value to both the end user and appliance manufacturer. 

Mnubo’s full-stack IoT data platform starts by ingesting event data from the connected fridge and interaction data through the mobile app. This real-time data is used to deliver actionable insights across stakeholders to achieve a variety of business use cases. 

Key objectives include:

  1. Gain a comprehensive real-time understanding of the connected install base 
  2. Get powerful insights on product diagnostics and consumption behaviour
  3. Improve the customer experience and build data-driven aftermarket services

Many consumer product manufacturers struggle to transform standalone connected products into monitored solutions. Such a change would drive customer engagement and enable recurring revenues. This is where partnering with analytics providers can be valuable, as it enables the delivery of a data-driven and personalized customer experience.  


One of the largest global beverage and consumer product brands was launching the world’s first connected beer fridge to monitor consumption and build brand engagement.

Its wifi-enabled beer fridge is equipped with more than 18 sensors that provide users with a real-time view of stock levels and temperature.

When stock is added to the fridge, a ‘cold countdown’ is triggered to alert users when the inventory has reached the optimal temperature for consumption.

The events and sensor data generated by the connected fridge are used to facilitate usage-based promotional offerings, predictive (just-in-time) replenishment, and proactive maintenance.