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Accelerating Data Transformation with IoT Analytics & AI

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With a fleet of connected air conditioning and heating devices deployed in the market, Johnson Controls – Hitachi (JCH) has taken the next step in their journey toward digital transformation: leveraging IoT data to improve service and maintenance offerings to customers and enhance their own sales and marketing efforts with deep insights on customer behavior. 

Headquartered in Tokyo, JCH is a global air conditioning manufacturer with over 15,000 employees. The company provides high quality products, services, and solutions tailored to residential and commercial buildings. 

With the help of Overkiz and Mnubo, they are now venturing into the world of device connectivity and data analysis by launching their first line of connected heaters and air conditioning units.

Like most connected product companies, working with their data to extract valuable insights that translate into real business value (ROI) can be a daunting challenge that requires the right IoT analytics platform and support services to initiate and guide forward. 

This case study will explore the various challenges that JCH faced, and how solutions provided by Mnubo’s AIoT platform helped build a strong foundation for device connectivity and data analysis – ultimately propelling JCH towards their goals of being a data-driven company to realize Customer-Centric Product Design and Data-backed Decision Making.