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mnubo is a horizontally-integrated IoT data solution. Its turnkey solution helps manufacturers of connected products, assets and machines extract valuable insights from their equipment data by providing automated reports and dashboards that help them understand product usage, performance, failures, operating conditions and other critical KPIs. Through trends, actionable insights and intelligence-as-a-service, mnubo empowers manufacturers to focus on what they do best - building better products!

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https://www.legrand.com/en - company logo
Legrand offers products and systems for electrical installations and information networks.
http://axceta.com/ - company logo
Axceta develops custom software solutions for the manufacturing industry - user experience, production efficiency
http://www.motorleaf.com/ - company logo
Motorleaf connects growers to their plants, and to each other, with their yield prediction solution
https://surveyor.city/ - company logo
Platform to continuously make smart building HVAC data collection acquisition on the cloud
http://connected-design.jp/en/ - company logo
Expanding automation within the Japanese residential market, as well as hospitality, elder care, retail and enterprise
https://jogogo.co/ - company logo
Helping retailers and consumer brands get more from every visit with analytics & mobile engagement
https://www.nectar.buzz/ - company logo
Nectar provides an apiary management platform that monitors the health of bees - determine what they need, when they need it
http://roc-connect.com/ - company logo
ROC Connect offers Smart Home as a Service. They provide and support full end-to-end solutions for connected home/IoT players.
https://www.dormakaba.com/en - company logo
Global pioneer in the commercial and industrial security and access solutions industry
 - company logo
iControl's SaaS platform enables service providers and home security companies to offer connected home solutions to households worldwide.
http://www.grainsystems.com/ - company logo
GSI manufactures steel farm bins and commercial storage grain bins, and is the world's largest producer of bins in the agricultural market.
https://www.iteris.com/ - company logo
The global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture
https://en.cozify.fi/ - company logo
Cozify is a wireless smart home hub that connects smart devices from different manufacturers into one seamless working entity.
http://www.itscom.net/en/ - company logo
iTSCOM is a leading multi-play service operator in Japan, part of the Tokyu Group, is deploying a smart home SaaS offering
https://www.bluestarindia.com/ - company logo
BlueStar is a market-leading company manufacturing connected air-conditioners, air-purifiers and water coolers
http://cogitowatch.com/ - company logo
Cogito specializes in the manufacturing, design and development of technology-driven wearables. Makers of the first connected watch.
http://www.cimberio.com/ - company logo
Cimberio produces brass components and valves for plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning and gas and water distribution networks.
https://casaconnect.com/?v=3e8d115eb4b3 - company logo
CaSA manufactures and integrates a variety of electrical energy management products for residential and commercial sectors.
https://buzzproducts.com/ - company logo
Buzz the makers behind Bud-e, the world's first connected beer fridge, monitors consumption and enables proactive replenishment
https://rotimatic.com/ - company logo
Rotimatic is an evolving kitchen robot with Artifical Intelligence and IoT capabilities
http://www.stolo.com/en/ - company logo
STOLO designs, develops, enriches and streamlines products and their interactions
https://www.vanhawks.com/ - company logo
Vanhawks makes connected carbon fibre bicycles - with built-in GPS, automatic night lights, and an app that tracks ride metrics.
https://www.yanmar.com/global/about/ - company logo
Global leader in the design and manufacturing of agricultural, industrial, and energy equipment