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Organizations are buying into the IoT but don’t know where to start and how to evaluate the value and priority. Most traditional manufacturers do not have the connectivity and data expertise required to successfully implement a ready-for-market IoT connected product, in quick time. Working with the right providers is crucial to gaining a meaningful assessment of your IoT project. Get started today on your IoT project.

mnubo’s team of IoT experts provide a wide range of professional services that help smart product manufacturers and solution providers build out a phased and focused IoT strategy. Using a business-first approach, mnubo’s advisory services help accelerate the transformation of smart products into connected businesses.

Our data science consulting services will help you: shorten your IoT learning curve, identify and roadmap the most promising business objectives and validate your IoT strategy through a proof of concept.

 IoT Advisory & Data Science Consulting

For companies at an early stage of exploring the business drivers of IoT, mnubo’s IoT advisory and data science consulting services help executives and key decision makers understand the concepts and building blocks of relevant IoT initiatives. Through a series of use cases and industry specific challenges, attendees will understand where the IoT value lies and the business transformation that is required to achieve it.

  • Build your IoT business case with focus on RoI
  • Align executive stakeholders
  • Identify business drivers for your IoT use cases
  • Prioritize key business KPIs for functional stakeholders
  • Refine IoT roadmap and strategic alignment

 IoT Bootcamps and Technical Workshops

Scope targeted pilots and proof of concepts to build a clear assessment and business case for a wider, phased IoT adoption. Technical workshops explore IoT technologies relevant to the current state of your product. Dive deeper into the data flow and shortlist the technologies required to achieve the desired business outcomes. The end-to-end engagement helps organizations ensure their IoT solution is world-class and deployed effectively.

  • Understand how IoT applies to your business and ‘get started’ on your IoT journey
  • Understand foundational IoT concepts
  • Brainstorm initial PoC use cases
  • Develop baseline solution architecture
  • Identify technical considerations and readiness

 IoT Data Science & AI/ML Services

Mnubo’s IoT Data Science and AI/ML services offer a range of professional services to complement your in-house development teams or to create new IoT solutions. Engage mnubo in any scale of data science project, ranging from rich insights and KPIs to machine learning algorithms to Artificial Intelligence. The data science team leverage mnubo’s IoT Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solution to fast track delivery.

  • Custom AI/ML algorithms and prediction models
  • Provide recommendations on which sensor data should be used to maximize the quality of the predictions
  • Integration services – connectivity, device management, mobile and web apps, etc.
  • Data enrichment using existing datasets (CRM, ERP, etc.) and external services (e.g. linked data)
  • Data monetization – uncover opportunities for organizational transformation and revenue generation