How to Build Your Asset Health Score

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This guide examines how the Mnubo AIoT Platform can be used to compute an Asset Health Score using sensor and event data from field equipment. With a real-time view of their products’ connected life, service teams will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining and servicing equipment.

Some of the business use cases of using the Asset Health Score include:

  • Install Base View: Comprehensive daily report card across all assets to support service planning
  • Ranking View: Ranking of scores to enable prioritized scheduling of maintenance
  • Asset View: Per-asset evolution of scores to assess trends and patterns

Detail View: Other information that provides context to address the problem

Until recent years, field service technicians were running their operations through man-made work orders. Tracking the health of an asset was a manual, calendar-based task. The process was often inefficient and resulted in unnecessary truck rolls. 

Today, the IIoT promises a reform in the way service teams track the health, usage, and performance of their assets. Remote monitoring and control allow teams to monitor multiple (often dispersed) assets, and identify warning signs for potential product failures from one central location.

With insights from IoT analytics and IIoT product data, service teams are empowered with an enhanced real-time view over their asset’s connected life. The Mnubo Asset Health Score analyzes and processes time-series machine data generated by equipment to provide a comprehensive scorecard on the condition of the asset.