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Intelligence for
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Improve energy efficiency, reduce the cost of truck rolls and enhance customer comfort.



Heating and cooling systems consume between 25-30% of the annual total energy use in residential buildings and between 40-60% in commercial buildings. Undetected problems in commercial and residential HVAC systems decrease energy efficiency and can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Why Mnubo

We aggregate data from critical assets and use data science models to find trends, analyze cause-and-effect patterns, benchmark HVAC performance, and compute cost-efficiency metrics.

Our intuitive modeling and management capabilities allow you to easily plug into various streaming or non-streaming data sources to quickly ingest, cleanse, and process data.

  • Optimize Energy Consumption

    Use data from HVAC, water heaters, pumps and air handling units to optimize building performance and energy use during peak hours

  • Reduce Asset Downtime

    Monitor usage and get detailed insights on assets across your facilities. Reduce unplanned downtime with visibility on machine health.

  • Reduce Service Costs

    Manage inventory and supply chain, and proactively plan truck rolls. Empower dealers with troubleshooting and predictive insights.

  • Enable Automated Demand Response

    Predict expected energy usage according to performance, schedules and outdoor weather.


Data Transformation Solutions

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Integrate IoT and operations to enable data-driven decision-making, continuous process improvements, and better business results.

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Monitor the health of assets and make timely decisions about repairing and replacing assets to significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

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Become more efficient by developing just-in-time delivery capabilities, accurate asset tracking, advanced inventory management, and increased logistics transparency

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Drive sales with personalized marketing and a deeper understanding of your customers, decrease the cost of issue resolution, and improve the customer experience.

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