Reduce Customer Churn with Consumer IoT Analytics

Customer Experience Insights

Mnubo's Consumer IoT analytics solution - and more precisely the Customer Experience Insight - allows companies to better serve their clients using equipment/product data. It captures data from business applications and IoT devices to monitor the engagement and user behaviour of the globally dispersed install base. Dashboards geared towards the manufacturers’ sales and marketing teams help them reduce churn, accelerate adoption, create upsell opportunities and personalize interactions.. This solution can be used for all types of assets, ranging from consumer electronics, residential HVAC and refrigeration, smart home appliances and more.


Customer Engagement

Mnubo’s Customer Engagement dashboard groups customers based on their usage behaviour. It combines web and mobile events with events and timeseries from IoT products to produce a holistic view of engagement. Tracking the entire connected product lifecycle, it reports on product usage and performance, helping the sales and marketing teams make targeted upsell recommendations.

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Customer Churn

Mnubo’s Customer Churn dashboard analyzes per object engagement as well as overall engagement and its incremental impact on churn, allowing product managers to pinpoint behavioural triggers that lead to attrition. Clustering customer behavior with product performance aggregates individual usage patterns (eg: usage for the thermostat, security panel, door lock, etc) into a single metric.

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Predictive Trends

Mnubo’s Predictive Trends dashboard identifies patterns and trends that do not conform to the expected configuration or normal product handling. Advanced data science and machine learning models enable predictive actions - maintenance, replenishment, churn and upsell opportunities, etc.

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