Reduce Operational Costs with IoT Analytics

Asset Health Insights

The Asset Health Solution provides Industrial IoT companies with improved visibility over the health/performance of their assets. It captures different types of data from different types of sensors, business applications and IoT devices to monitor the globally dispersed install base. Dashboards geared towards the manufacturers’ service and support teams help reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining equipment. This solution can be used for all types of assets, ranging from HVAC and refrigeration, industrial pumps and valves, to smart home appliances and more.

Capacity and Utilization

Mnubo’s Capacity Utilization dashboard monitors which machines are being used over capacity and whether there is an opportunity to upsell new equipment or replacement parts. It collects information such asset on/off time, time in a given ‘state’, core hours of operation, energy consumption and other usage characteristics, to provide companies with a snapshot of assets that over/underperforming.

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Asset Diagnostics

Mnubo's Asset Diagnostics dashboard monitors assets in the field to detect and diagnose issues. It collects information such as condition, age, location, vibration, pressure, temperature and other operational characteristics, to provide companies with a snapshot of asset health and performance.

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Predictive Maintenance

Use artificial intelligence models to predict machine downtime, schedule proactive maintenance, predict time to action for equipment requiring replenishment/replacement and other advanced data-enabled features

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