Reduce Operational Costs with Industrial IoT Analytics


Install Base

Monitor where equipment is located, how it is being used and how it is performing with aggregate insights and other reports on your install base

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Condition Monitoring

Assess machine health, what are the anomalies and trends, asset scores etc. – in a periodic, automated report

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Capacity and Utilization

Which machines are being used over capacity? Understand multiple machines at a single customer site. Determine if there is an opportunity to upsell new equipment or replacement parts

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Asset Diagnostics

Determine which equipment has the most faults and alerts, what the trend is over time, how does this vary across product versions

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Asset Usage

Determine what the most popular features are and if machines are being used as expected or recommended

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Customer Engagement

Group customers based on their usage behaviour, and profile them to facilitate a faster adoption rate. Track the entire connected product life-cycle to reinforce brand engagement

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Predictive Maintenance

Use artificial intelligence models to predict machine downtime, schedule proactive maintenance, predict time to action for equipment requiring replenishment/replacement and other advanced data-enabled features

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