A Q&A with Lyne Jacques – Mnubo’s newly appointed CRO

7 min readHow CROs can help innovative companies steer and scale in complex AI and [...]

7 min read

How CROs can help innovative companies steer and scale in complex AI and IoT markets

A discussion with Mnubo’s newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer, Lyne Jacques

The CRO is a key member of the company’s executive team, tasked with the mandate to orient an organization towards customer centricity and optimize collaborations for joint value creation – all this while increasing revenue growth and customer value. What was it about Mnubo that made you want to join the team?  

Lyne Jacques – Throughout my career I’ve managed many diverse teams – marketing, sales and customer service – but I’ve never had the chance to integrate my independent experiences into one mandate.

With a deep understanding of the high-tech sector and global markets, I have experience in taking innovative, disruptive technologies to global markets – by developing the right GTM recipe and by leveraging channels in an optimal way.

The industry-shaping vision of the founders, the hugely untapped market opportunity, and the right timing to help grow an organization – catalyzed by my domain expertise and years of proven management experience, is what made me want to join Mnubo.

Mnubo has put customer value and innovation at the heart of the IoT revolution. They are pioneering an industry that surpasses the data potential of the web, social, and mobile markets combined – by leveraging the power of AI & ML on industrial IoT data to drive transformational business outcomes.

My purpose is to support the founder’s vision – empowering the next wave of data-driven smart product enterprises with actionable insights from their IoT data – and fundamentally change the way our clients operate and serve their customers.

I’ve worked for many innovative companies – including Bell and iBwave (acquired by Corning)  – where we competed and won against multinationals across the globe (US, Korea, Japan, etc). We did it because we knew we were better and delivered with excellence and confidence.

I believe Montreal is home to many best-in-class companies and I want to contribute to the international success of Mnubo, and put this high-impact Montreal startup on the global map.

What do you believe you can bring to Mnubo as it enters its next stage of growth?

Lyne Jacques – Experience, confidence, a strong customer-centric mindset and results-oriented attitude.

You are a proven business leader with experience managing all aspects of global sales, business development, marketing, revenue management and customer retention. Can you speak to the importance of outside-in thinking when developing growth strategies?

Lyne Jacques – When you operate with a customer-centric mentality you make it easier to articulate the customers pain points and identify areas where your solution can help alleviate those pain points. I have a strong commercial and corporate background that is quite different from a typical technical background.

My strengths lie in identifying personas and building value for market pain points. I’ve spent most of my career translating technical capabilities into business value that addresses customer needs. With the support of Mnubo’s talented team, I have the capability to look beyond technical specification sheets to see the bigger picture. I have a desire to drive a more meaningful conversation around AI and IoT, shifting from technical features to business value.

Today, buyers are empowered with unprecedented information, as the divide between sales and marketing erodes, companies that create seamless customer journeys are gaining market share. In your experience, how can companies provide leadership, direction and cross-departmental coaching to ensure the focus is always on the customer – who we are serving, not what we are offering?

Lyne Jacques – Building the right strategy is challenging, but operationalizing strategy is even more difficult. It’s important for organizations to regularly deep dive into the operations and look at their customers, examining strategic initiatives and identifying gaps between ‘action plans’ and actual performance.

Given how mission-critical AI and IoT are going to be to the future of businesses, it is imperative for technology providers to be customer-centric in their go-to-market approach. If we want to be customer-centric and ensure we are delivering the best solution we need to ensure we remove the barriers between departments. All segments of the company that support a customer (either directly or indirectly) need to be aligned around the same objectives/KPI’s.

When building the GTM strategy, the execution plan needs room to evolve with the customer. This will not only ensure we are aligned with our customers, but it will allow us to remain relevant and consistent as their needs evolve.

How should companies harness the power of data to drive and adapt go-to-market strategies and tactics that drive profitable growth?

Lyne Jacques – Seeing the potential in untapped markets and understanding how to activate them is critical. To succeed today, companies must be adept at transforming the digital landscape into an outlet that connects with customers. It is important to give the customer the necessary tools to make them successful. The solution and supporting material – testimonials, case studies, ROI analysis – should anchor around customer value.

Give the customer a voice, make them the hero.

Crafting and communicating the company’s vision and turning that vision into a long-term strategy is a complex process that requires cross-functional alignment. How can companies ensure customer success, the product roadmap and market positioning are pioneering new markets for the company to dominate?

Lyne Jacques – As a company we need to continuously scrutinize our strategy, structure, processes and even accomplishments to ensure that:

  1. We are aligned as a team,
  2. We can clearly articulate our strategy,
  3. We have action plans, resources and metrics in place to execute our strategy while driving growth.

Lyne Jacques - Mnubo CRO

More than six years ago, the co-founders set out to create a best-of-breed IoT data and analytics solution that transforms IoT product data into actionable business insights. I will support their vision with the right KPIs and execution. With customer personas, a documented buyers’ journey and an aligned selling process we will sustain our commitment to putting customers at the center of all of our decisions.

With recent investments in the Quebec technology space, there are a lot of efforts being done to develop large tech ecosystems, outside Silicon Valley. What is your perception on this phenomenon as entrepreneurs of startups that were born in Quebec scale internationally?

Lyne Jacques – From the early days of my career I’ve been fortunate enough to compete internationally. I am a firm believer in Quebec’s and Canada’s ability to produce cutting-edge companies that disrupt international markets. With an ecosystem of humble, hardworking and creative businesses we have all we need to beat the competition in any market. We are inventors by DNA. Our customer-centric mentality stops us from blindly pushing products to the customer, instead we try to adapt to the customer.

Montreal is not afraid to be a world leader. We have the capabilities and the environment to take a leadership role in the international market. It is just a matter of being efficient and creating an environment that enables creativity. Mila is a great example of this. This initiative bridges the gap between fundamental research and technology commercialization, bringing together universities, researchers and businesses.

What are you most excited about?

Lyne Jacques – So many things.. it’s hard to choose! But if I have to narrow it down to three it would be:

  1. The opportunity to contribute to the success of a growing company
  2. The opportunity to work with a group of young and diverse professionals
  3. International competition

I believe in our ability to produce cutting-edge technology companies that compete (and dominate) at an international level and I can’t wait to show the world what Mnubo has to offer.

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