Fred Bastien, CEO & co founder, speaking at ‘TMForum Live!’ | Nice, FR

1 min readmnubo is heading to Nice (France), where CEO Fred Bastien will be presenting [...]

1 min read

mnubo is heading to Nice (France), where CEO Fred Bastien will be presenting at the incomparable ‘TM Forum Live!’ June 2nd -5th.

The TM Forum brings together all the elements driving the successful transformation of service providers and enterprises towards the digital world. Through collaborative thinking the forum provides solutions for businesses to flourish in the digital world. To become a digital business requires far more than simply replacing IT systems or experimenting with new marketing tactics. It means changing the way a company thinks, breathes and interacts with others-in essence it requires a change in company culture and attitudes towards innovation.

The TM Forum Live! unites over 3000 executives from across the globe each with a footprint in the digital eco system. There will be 6 forums with topics spanning from IoT to the visualization of everything cloud to Big Data and Customer Engagement.

Speaking alongside the most influential players and innovators of the digital ecosystem, Fred will be discussing the development of smart services for a connected world and the impact the Internet of things has on smart wearable technology. The Internet of Things can benefit from Big Data Analytics and mnubos innovation is a key value-add to this space!

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