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mnubo and Dawex Partner to Deliver the Industry’s First IoT Analytics and Monetization Solution

3 min readPartnership will provide product manufacturers with a turnkey solution to easily capture and [...]

3 min read

Partnership will provide product manufacturers with a turnkey solution to easily capture and monetize IoT data and insights, fuelling economic growth across multiple industries


October 17th, 2017 – MONTREAL & PARIS – Dawex, a global data marketplace, has formed a strategic partnership with mnubo, an IoT analytics and AI as-a-service company, to link mnubo’s SmartObjects analytics solution to Dawex data marketplace providing IoT manufacturers and service providers with product insights and data monetization opportunities.

To succeed in the digital world, companies will need to leverage IoT data and insights to enhance their overall market performance, improve after-market services, develop new business lines, and create additional revenue streams.

The analysis and monetization of IoT data can take many forms and can empower businesses and consumers in varying ways, including:

  • Smart wearables collecting body vitals and selling IoT data, after customer opt-in, to nearby pharmacies to receive targeted consulting or medicine
  • Insurance providers buying IoT data and insights from smart water damage detectors or smart cars to lower claim costs, insure uptime instead of downtime, and offer premium rebates
  • Smart thermostat vendors selling non-PII IoT data to grid operators to enable demand-response programs
  • Smart tire makers selling IoT data to fleet managers to improve inventory management and replacement schedules, etc.

Eric Burkel, Head of International Strategy & Development at Hydrao, said: “Hydrao provides smart solutions for water conservation & management. Our devices collect significant water data, allowing real-time monitoring of water usage as well as the energy needed to heat it. Going forward we will also enrich our offerings with water quality data. Dawex is the ideal environment for us to generate incremental revenue streams through the selling of these data. We can easily package different offerings addressing specific buyers in the hospitality space, utilities, smart cities and many other verticals. ”

The Solution
Dawex and mnubo’s combined solution syndicates the power of IoT analytics with the credit of a trusted data marketplace. This new offering allows data vendors to have complete control over their data monetization process, selecting what they sell (i.e. raw IoT data and/or actionable insights), how they sell it (i.e. one time deals or subscriptions, file-based or API-based), to whom, at what price and under which terms and conditions.. Examples of actionable IoT insights include risk of customers churning, overall usage and performance of the connected install base, products diagnostics, predictive trends, etc. Vendors can also establish personalized license agreements that define the uses they authorize for their data and insights.

The Technology
Based on Blockchain and its Smart Contract technology, as well as AI to power the analytics, the combined solution includes all the necessary measures to secure the data and ensure the integrity of the licensing contract. The data is encrypted and hosted on servers closest to the vendors location (i.e. the United States or Europe), with technical infrastructure meeting worldwide standards. The solution integrates the legal and regulatory obligations necessary to handle transfers involving personal data when required as well as the mechanisms for securing the transactions and payments.

About mnubo
mnubo is an Internet of Things (IoT) company, providing data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to connected product manufacturers and service providers. mnubo extracts business value from IoT data by delivering a SaaS solution with out-of-the-box IoT insights and advanced IoT data science. More at

About Dawex
Dawex is pioneering the data economy with a global data marketplace where thousands of companies, from start-ups to multi-billion corporations connect, buy and sell data securely and efficiently. All kinds of data are traded on Dawex including commercial data, technical data as well as IoT data, across more than twenty verticals worldwide. More at

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