Industrial IoT

Optimizing Operational Efficiency of Equipment with IoT Analytics

2 min readAchieve operational efficiency, boost revenue opportunities, improve aftermarket services & explore new business [...]

2 min read

Achieve operational efficiency, boost revenue opportunities, improve aftermarket services & explore new business models

The ‘IoT’ is a massive technology driver and as such, it is transformational for many industries. Numerous companies are using it as a way to:

  1. Achieve operational efficiency
  2. Boost revenue opportunities
  3. Improve aftermarket services
  4. Explore new business models that go beyond the traditional models they are looking at

As companies increase their investment in IoT-enabled devices, they will need scalable and efficient systems that can ensure the integrity of their data, track progress and issues, and efficiently identify underperforming assets or connectivity issues.


The Mnubo Asset Health Solution

The Mnubo Asset Health solution enables asset manufacturers to improve their bottom line by better understanding the health/performance of their assets. The portfolio of dashboards, geared towards the service and support teams, helps asset manufacturers reduce operational costs associated with maintaining equipment.

By analyzing the asset’s health and condition, it also empowers support centres with product diagnostics data. This insight can be used for all types of assets, ranging from HVAC and refrigeration, industrial pumps and valves, to smart home appliances and more.

There are multiple ways of predicting faults or identifying maintenance schedules. Some examples of insights used in the Mnubo Asset Health Dashboard include:

  • Uptime, downtime & connectivity status
  • Performance & overall health scores
  • Alarms, warnings, breakdowns & other maintenance/operational related condition KPIs

Visualize asset status, pinpoint underperforming assets, and prioritize assets with a depleting health score

Boosting operational efficiency with IoT analytics

Reduce maintenance costs and increase revenue through rapid resolution of malfunctioning equipment

Mnubo SmartObjects Asset Health Score

Shift away from calendar-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance

Mnubo's SmartObjects Asset Health Score Dashboard

Benefits of Mnubo’s Asset Health Dashboard

  1. Enable condition-based maintenance operations to increase asset uptime/availability
  2. Reduce the number (and cost) of service truck rolls
  3. Highlight non-compliance usage/performance to optimize asset lifetime and up-sell planning
  4. Reduce the number of false failure returns during warranty period
  5. Generate a prioritized list of devices projected to malfunction; service devices to reduce downtime and maintenance cost
  6. Identify the root cause of failures; provide recommendations and take action by opening a ticket with your enterprise CRM tool.

Kickstart your data-driven connected product strategy
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