Highly Configurable and
Scalable Analytics Solutions

Our Data Core Platform is robust, secure, and scalable. It is easily configurable and allows you to ingest and process data for BI, analytics, and machine learning needs. Thanks to Data Core’s intuitive modeling and management capabilities, you can easily plug into various streaming or non-streaming data sources to quickly ingest, cleanse, and process data.

Mnubo Data Core provides all of the core functionality and capabilities out-of-the-box for cross-functional teams to establish a strong analytics base and build a successful IoT data program.


Mnubo Data Core: Built for IoT Data Exploration at Scale

We built Mnubo Data Core to handle the complexity and scale of processing IoT data. With pre-built functionalities for data connections, data cleaning, mapping and modeling, as well as data exploration, Data Core gives you the foundation you need to build your long-term data program.


    Easily ingest data either using SDKs, via commercial device clouds or standard connectors. Rapidly model data and configure policies and rules for data ingestion, processing, cleaning and mapping. Enrich data with external sources, such as weather or demographics.


    With no development or DevOps required, Mnubo Data Core natively provides encryption of data in-flight and at rest, hot and cold data storage, data streaming, and data freshness to support at scale BI, analytics and ML analytic needs.


    Built for large-scale data processing, Mnubo Data Core provides auto-scaling capabilities to easily handle increases in data volume and processing needs. Complex event processing and self healing of microservices are also provided.


    To deliver an accurate understanding of equipment performance and health, Mnubo Data Core provides data exploration and IoT-specific BI capabilities around individual devices, individual events, aggregations of events and time series.


    Leveraging OAuth2 security, Mnubo Data Core provides a robust and secure HTTPS RESTful API enabling custom code integrations and connections with external data sources and services. Expose and leverage insights from external systems and applications to extend the functionality of the core platform.

Features & Benefits

Mnubo Data Core requires no DevOps support. The infrastructure, features, and capabilities work out-of-the-box. This dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership and time-to-insight.

  • Fully managed data platform provides the core functionalities to make IoT data consumable
  • RESTful APIs to share insights with external applications and systems.

Pre-built connectors, data enrichers, and tools for data exploration to quickly ingest, clean, process, and explore data.

  • Pre-built connections with all IoT device clouds to accelerate data ingestion and processing.
  • Visualization and exploration tools built for digital twin data as well as events & time series data.

Mnubo Data Core is cloud agnostic and can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure, eliminating future lock-in.

  • Portable micro-services architecture deployed on public cloud vendors.

Mnubo Data Core handles the automatic scaling of compute resources and self-healing of services. This eliminates the need for DevOps support and costs.

  • Auto-scaling of resources to handle increases in data volume and processing requirements, and compute loads from training of ML models.
  • Self-healing to ensure uptime of both BI and ML analytics.