The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the peak of its hype cycle, but there is still a disconnect between ‘market hype’ and ‘market reality’. Without remaining up to date on all of the latest announcements and technological breakthroughs, it is easy to get lost in all of the marketing jargon. mnubo’s data-driven business insights are enabling the widespread adoption of the IoT

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Case Study: IIoT Strategy

From connectivity all the way up to business insights, find out how mnubo helped an Industrial IoT company succeed in its IoT journey.


Solution Guide: SmartObjects 

Learn more how SmartObjects can help you improve product performance & customer engagement, reduce customer churn and create new revenue streams


Partner Program Benefit

mnubo partners with players across the IoT value chain including service providers, IoT application and device platforms

Delivering a smart home experience (2)

Case Study: Smart Home

Tap into smart home sensor data to uncover actionable insights and derive business value

Case Study- Smart Fridge

Case Study: Smart Fridge 

Transform your consumer IoT product to a monitored service and build brand engagement

Case Study- HVACR

Case Study: HVACR 

Unlock the value of HVACR sensor data with mnubo’s IoT analytics & data science library’s


Case Study: Turnkey Solutions

From connectivity to insights, getting IoT ready is getting easy as best-of-breed IoT solution providers partner to deliver a turnkey solutions for connected product manufacturers.


IoT Analytics, There & Back

Differentiate from existing analytics tools. Use mnubo’s SmartObjects analytics solution to realize the value of real-time, actionable and compelling insights from sensor data

Webinar- Turning data into profits

Turning Data Into Profits

Webinar: The IoT is as much about data as it is about devices. How can businesses best measure, manage, and act on this data to realize a positive return on investment?


IoT Insights to Outcomes

Webinar: Enhancing sensor data with purpose-built IoT analytics solutions


Smart Home Meets Big Data

Expert Interview: Connected home is the next frontier for the potential of Big Data


Analyzing the World’s Data 

IoT analytics solutions empower product manufacturers with real-time insights

Webinar- From Insights to Outcomes

Webinar: Unlocking the Value 

Unlock the value of connected products with Ayla Network, mnubo & Parks Associates

IoT Data- Adding Value to the Connected Product Lifecycle

IoT & product lifecycle

Uncover how data can be leveraged throughout a product’s lifecycle, from development to customer service.


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