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The IoT is at the peak of its hype cycle, but there is still a disconnect between ‘market hype’ and ‘market reality’. Without remaining up to date on all of the latest announcements and technological breakthroughs, it is easy to get lost in all of the marketing jargon. mnubo’s data-driven business insights are enabling the widespread adoption of the IoT.

Stay informed, explore our ever-expanding database of IoT focused webinars, white papers and blog posts!

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Smart City – Traffic Management

This case study examines how data from traffic helped one of Canada’s largest metropolitan...

Monetize your IoT data

This paper demonstrates how data has helped smart home solution providers monetize their IoT...

Industrial IoT Insight: Asset Health Score

Asset Health Scores empower service teams with enhanced real-time visibility over the products connected...

Case Study: Energy Consumption

Use data analytics and AI to transform a standalone smart home product into an...

Case Study: Driving Brand Engagement

Use product usage and performance data to reduce churn and drive brand engagement

Case Study: Smart Farm

This case study discusses the impact of HVAC performance on agribusiness productivity

Case Study: IIoT Strategy

From connectivity all the way up to business insights, find out how mnubo helped...

Case Study: Smart Home

Tap into smart home sensor data to uncover actionable insights and derive business value

Case Study: HVACR Analytics

Unlock the value of HVACR sensor data with mnubo’s IoT analytics & data science...