mnubo’s SmartObjects

IoT data poses a difficult challenge for traditional data analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools that were not designed to handle and analyse terabytes of real-time streaming sensor data

Furthermore, traditional web, app and logs analytics tools will mostly compute insights that are not tailor-made and often useless to power connected products (e.g. bounce rates, conversion rates, time in app, screen flows, etc).

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Fastest time-to-insight

SmartObjects is flexible and can be implemented in days vs. months.
It leverages the latest industry expertise, promotes business agility, and scales-as-you-grow.
It includes an extensive library of out-of-the-box insights that are available as soon as sensor data is streaming in

Insights are actionable

Link insights to actions that drive business value.
Use SmartObjects to send reports to executives, build cases and trigger actions in CRM & ERP systems, feed corporate-wide BI solutions, and much more

Catered to all corporate stakeholders

SmartObjects’ actionable insights cover the needs of all OEM corporate stakeholders, from R&D, to product management, sales, marketing and C-Level

No vendor lock-in

SmartObjects is neutral of any cloud, connectivity, devices, applications, etc. Furthermore, mnubo does not own any of its customer’s data

Full IoT data stack in one SaaS solution

SmartObjects is a complete SaaS solution that does not require a long rollout plan, IT resources or additional development skills.

Big Data storage and archival

SmartObjects leverages the latest Big Data and AI technologies and architectures so you don’t have to

Data cleanup & enrichment

Model data according to your business needs and enrich it using any external or internal services (e.g weather, geo-location, ERP, CRM, Asset Mgt etc)

Rich, flexible API’s

Uncover actionable insights by integrating with fully documented JSON REST APIs that include an advanced query language

Data visualization & reporting

Access pre-built dashboards and reports or create your own customized dashboard without additional coding

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Near real-time & comprehensive view of any connected product

Hosted and managed solution

SmartObjects is a multi-tenant solution available on multiple cloud environments (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google, etc)

Plug & Play

Eliminate months of software integration and machine learning models training

Integrated view of data

Real-time data is delivered to the appropriate stakeholder so they can quickly respond to problems and exploit new opportunities

Supports self-service

Query at scale your Big Data repository of sensor data and enable ROI-driven insights

Out-of-the-box Insights

Instantly deliver, at scale, out-of-the-box insights to understand operations, faults, product usage, customer engagement/churn, etc.


Tailored to the entire product lifecycle

product beta

Products in beta

  • Establish what data to collect
  • Manage troubleshooting
  • Reduce the number of bugs
product in beta

Products in early deployment

  • Where are my products located
  • Which features are used the most
  • Are products being used as they were designed
Products in early deployment

Growth & future generations

  • Engagement trends per location
  • Product lifecycle analysis
  • Downtime relative to activity

Open IoT ecosystem with secure integrations

Security features

OAuth2 authorisation framework, HTTP secure JSON REST API, data encryption in flight and at rest, no personally identifiable information (PII) stored

Cloud platform neutral

AWS, Azure, Google,  etc

Available SDKs (and growing)

Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python, Squirrel, iOS, Android

Data ingestion compliance

Lambda, MQTT, Node-RED, Webhooks, WebSockets etc

Available integrations with these IoT Platforms

AT&T M2X/Flow, AWS IoT, Ayla Networks, Electric Imp, Google IoT, iBot, Microsoft IoT, Prodea/Arrayent, PubNub, Reekoh, Samsung Artik, Sierra Monitor, Sigfox, ThingLogix, etc

Available integrations with these AI/ML tools

Jupyter Notebook, scikit-learn, Keras, Spark MLib, R, FB Prophet, Microsoft Azure ML Studio


Data science services are also provided by mnubo

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