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Asset Health Management

Our Asset Health Management solutions allow you to make timely decisions about repairing and replacing assets, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime. We give you the visibility you need to make more informed decisions, today, and tomorrow.


Detect and Monitor Anomalies
Reduce costly emergency repairs by detecting anomalies and impending failures earlier and more efficiently. We use historical trends and prediction deviations to help you spot irregularities in your data.
Diagnose Asset Health
Understand what causes an anomaly and diagnose faulty assets. We use multiple data sources, in their operating context, to develop a clear view of your asset health and performance.
Unlock Predictive Maintenance
Gain intelligence over your assets and move from a time-based schedule to a predictive maintenance model. We use ML to predict downtime and time-to-action for assets requiring replenishment or replacement.

As more and more industrial assets get connected, new opportunities and challenges are surfacing. Connectivity adds a layer of complexity that challenges traditional maintenance models, but it provides you with the visibility required to perform condition monitoring. You can now prevent consequential damages and focus on the bottom line.

Our Asset Health Management solutions integrate condition monitoring into your existing maintenance strategy.


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