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Customer Experience & Marketing

Our Customer Experience solutions help you drive sales with personalized marketing and a deeper understanding of your customers, decrease the cost of issue resolution, and improve the customer experience.


Customer service analytics
Cluster customers based on usage and other characteristics. Optimize support services and reduce the average handling time. Transform and personalize customer care strategies with interactive dashboards.
Product recommendations
Drive sales and empower marketing teams by tracking product/client lifecycles, and deliver targeted up-sell/cross-sell recommendations.
Churn prediction
Understand the attributes of existing customers and improve customer satisfaction by using usage-based clustering. Predict when customers are likely to churn and take actions to minimize risk.

Connected products have created opportunities for aftermarket sales and marketing that were not there before. Your can now use data to create a seamless customer experience, reduce customer churn, and accelerate adoption.

Our Customer Experience & Marketing solutions help you increase personalization.

Customer Experience & Marketing

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