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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Our Logistics & Supply Chain Management solutions help you become more efficient by developing just-in-time delivery capabilities, accurate asset tracking, advanced inventory management, and increased logistics transparency.


Optimize Truck Rolls
Optimize truck rolls, minimize fuel consumption, and better predict when parts need to be replaced. We use an issue classification model to identify problems, based on historic diagnostics data, to accelerate time-to-resolution.
Manage Inventory
Improve inventory management and decrease warehousing costs. We use machine learning models to generate accurate and timely forecasts, allowing you to stay ahead of any inventory shortages.
Predict Replenishment
Automate inventory tracking and empower your suppliers with smart replenishment tools. We integrate with inventory systems to further optimize asset maintenance and support.

Given the increased pressure from changing customer expectations and rising transportation/storage costs, supply chain and logistics optimization is critical to a company’s bottom-line. You can now boost productivity, predict demand forecasting, and optimize the selection of suppliers.

Our Logistics & Supply Chain Management solutions help you reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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