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Accelerate business outcomes through IoT data with out-of-the-box insights

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    Transform connected product business to a profit center

    Showcase the value and potential in connected product data to executives.

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    Improve customer service and reduce operational costs

    Improve the AHT of IoT related customer calls and ratio of devices that call support.

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    Focus product development investments

    Focus R&D spend and product development spending by leveraging customer usage data and how devices perform in the field.

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    Enhance product performance

    Support IoT and Engineering teams needing to make firmware, APP, and other rapid product improvements on issues in the current deployment.

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    Monetize data to generate new after-market sales revenues

    Increase after-market revenue by identifying users in need of replacement parts and targets for new products.

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    Boost customer experience and engagement

    How can I better understand my customer, how they use my products, with the goal to increase engagement with the brand.

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Who we serve

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Analytics for Connected Consumer Products

Consumer IoT manufacturers can now extract actionable insights from their connected products, to understand usage and performance, customer engagement, reduce churn and more.

Consumer IoT home cloud

Analytics for Connected Industrial Assets

Industrial IoT manufacturers can now extract actionable insights from their connected products, to enable condition-based and predictive maintenance, improve servicing and more.

Industrial IoT
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Why work with us

Our out-of-the-box analytics and turnkey IoT libraries accelerate time-to-insight and provide customers with competitive differentiation. We work with IoT players across consumer, enterprise and industrial verticals to power their data-driven strategy

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Who are we

We are a Montreal-based Internet of Things (IoT) Data Analytics company delivering actionable business insights to manufacturers of connected products. Mnubo SmartObjects is a purpose-built solution to help IoT companies derive business value from their connected equipment data through IoT insights

The Company
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Trusted partners

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  • Dr. Hank Marcy, Vice President of Global Product Development at <strong>Johnson Controls - Hitachi Air Conditioning, Inc</strong>

    “Through our partnership with Mnubo, we are pioneering a data-driven strategy in the HVAC market to improve customer experience, empower our channel partners, and build out new after-market services. Johnson Controls - Hitachi is committed to driving greater customer value through new IoT and AI-enabled innovations. As a data-first company, we are using IoT insights to deliver benefits to all stakeholders in the HVAC value-chain.”

    Dr. Hank Marcy, Vice President of Global Product Development at Johnson Controls - Hitachi Air Conditioning, Inc

  • Roberto Cimberio, CEO of <strong>Cimberio S.p.A.</strong>

    “mnubo's IIoT analytics solution is a unique, turnkey platform that has proven to rapidly accelerate our time-to-value and gain meaningful insights on the system’s consumption and usage. Their world-class IoT experts, AI knowledge and IoT data scientists give us access to customizable analytics; and their solution can scale exponentially catalyzing Cimberio's growth. ”

    Roberto Cimberio, CEO of Cimberio S.p.A.

  • Letha McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer of <strong>iControl Networks</strong>

    “Right now we’re seeing a lot of single-device automation, but there hasn’t been enough data for a true ‘smart home’ where devices work together seamlessly to better anticipate lifestyles. Icontrol is one of the first to have the volume of data required for this level of analysis. We’re excited to partner with mnubo to show consumers how a smart home ecosystem can enhance their lives in ways they haven’t even thought of yet.”

    Letha McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer of iControl Networks

  • Koji Takeda, Executive General Manager of i<strong>TSCOM</strong>

    “We are embarking on a transformational journey in the Japanese market by becoming the trusted brand that is putting the power of a smart home in the hands of homeowners. By leveraging mnubo’s expertise in Big Data, IoT insights and Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are able to truly understand our customers and deliver the highest level of service – this is strongly aligned with our core business values.”

    Koji Takeda, Executive General Manager of iTSCOM

  • Martin Fassier, CEO of <strong>CaSA </strong>

    “mnubo’s IoT analytics is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed rapidly, enabling our team to focus on the most strategic aspects of CaSA’s solutions. Not only are we getting the peace of mind of a platform that can scale to millions of appliances, but it also gives us access to advanced data science and machine learning capabilities ”

    Martin Fassier, CEO of CaSA 

  • Fumi Shingai, Chief Executive Officer of <strong>Connected Design</strong>

    “We are proud to partner with mnubo, and leverage real usage insights to proactively service iTSCOM’s rapidly growing smart home subscriber base. The 360° perspective of the customer base is crucial to help the product, business and service teams drive meaningful business actions.”

    Fumi Shingai, Chief Executive Officer of Connected Design

Use Cases and Resources

  • A Product Manager’s Guide to Effectively Leveraging Data

    A Product Manager’s Guide to Effectively Leveraging Data

    .pdf Download
  • Smart City – Traffic Management

    Smart City – Traffic Management

    This case study examines how data from traffic helped one of Canada’s largest metropolitan cities predict, manage, and optimize congestion with AI and IoT analytics.

    .pdf Download
  • Monetize your IoT data

    Monetize your IoT data

    This paper demonstrates how data has helped smart home solution providers monetize their IoT product data.

    .pdf Download
  • Industrial IoT Insight: Asset Health Score

    Industrial IoT Insight: Asset Health Score

    Asset Health Scores empower service teams with enhanced real-time visibility over the products connected life

    .pdf Download
  • Case Study: Driving Brand Engagement

    Case Study: Driving Brand Engagement

    Use product usage and performance data to reduce churn and drive brand engagement

    .pdf Download
  • Case Study: Energy Consumption

    Case Study: Energy Consumption

    Use data analytics and AI to transform a standalone smart home product into an energy efficient solution

    .pdf Download
  • Case Study: Smart Farm

    Case Study: Smart Farm

    This case study discusses the impact of HVAC performance on agribusiness productivity

    .pdf Download
  • Case Study: IIoT Strategy

    Case Study: IIoT Strategy

    From connectivity all the way up to business insights, find out how mnubo helped an Industrial IoT company succeed in its IoT journey.

    .pdf Download
  • Case Study: Smart Home

    Case Study: Smart Home

    Tap into smart home sensor data to uncover actionable insights and derive business value

    .pdf Download
  • Case Study: HVACR Analytics

    Case Study: HVACR Analytics

    Unlock the value of HVACR sensor data with mnubo’s IoT analytics & data science library’s

    .pdf Download
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