Our story

Founded in 2012 – mnubo is a young, fast growing company focused on transforming the Internet of Things. The company was founded by a team of technology entrepreneurs combining over 50 years of wireless telecommunications and internet technology experience.

In their previous venture, mnubo’s core team spearheaded the development of a mobile subscriber data management technology platform, now deployed around the world and serving several hundred million subscribers daily.

Currently, the company boasts some of the most-skilled big data developers, data scientists, and domain experts that have experience in building world-class IoT solutions.

Our purpose

mnubo empowers the next wave of data-driven product manufacturers with valuable insights from their IoT data. mnubo allows IoT product manufacturers and service providers to take their data analytic capabilities to new levels, enabling them to improve their products feature sets, create new revenue generating services, engage their customers and promote their brands.

We are going towards a world where everything is connected; businesses capable of harnessing machine learning and AI technologies, to digest and transform IoT data into actionable insights, will lead the market. 

AI and IoT analytics  will make it easier for product designers and manufacturers to answer the key business questions that will propel their success in the growing IoT market.