Today, connected product data is collected and pushed to the cloud. There it sits, often, untouched for long periods of time. While connected things are enabling new and exciting applications, connectivity and data collection alone are insufficient to derive real value from IoT. 

mnubo Smartobjects service help product manufacturers and IoT service providers understand how their products are being used and how they are performing in consumer, commercial and industrial verticals. Our customers use these actionable insights to build better products and enable new service models

Some of our valued customers


“For the first time leading connected brands will gain 360° insights on how their media campaigns and marketing strategies impact real-time usage and engagement,” said Buzz's Head of Buzz Digital. “mnubo’s purpose-built IoT analytics service will empower connected product manufacturers with a strategic decision-making engine.”


“mnubo’s IoT analytics is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed rapidly, enabling our team to focus on the most strategic aspects of CaSA’s solutions,” explains Martin Fassier, Product Director at CaSA. “Not only are we getting the peace of mind of a platform that can scale to millions of appliances, but it also gives us access to advanced data science and machine learning capabilities”.


"mnubo's IIoT analytics solution is a unique, turnkey platform that has proven to rapidly accelerate our time-to-value and gain meaningful insights on the system’s consumption and usage. Their world-class IoT experts, AI knowledge and IoT data scientists give us access to customizable analytics; and their solution can scale exponentially catalyzing Cimberio's growth."


“We are proud to partner with mnubo, and leverage real usage insights to proactively service iTSCOM’s rapidly growing smart home subscriber base. The 360° perspective of the customer base is crucial to help the product, business and service teams drive meaningful business actions.”


mnubo and ConnecteDevice, the makers of the connected Cogito watch, partner to deliver a new level of customization to wearables through cloud-based analytics - product feedback and usage engagement scoring!


“This partnership with mnubo will propel our protein technology solutions to enable data-driven decision making for producers,” stated Adam Weiss, Director of Protein Technology at GSI. “mnubo’s out-of-the-box insights and suite of analytics libraries allowed GSI to deliver enhanced customer value within a few weeks of integration – accelerating time-to-insight with immediate ROI to producers.”


“Our partnership with mnubo will bring to market an innovative, data-driven solution for the producers,” said Jocelyn Boudreau, CEO of Hortau. “Their ready-to-use SmartObjects platform and expertise in data science will save us years of development work and will help us accelerate our time-to-insight and deliver relevant, real-time value to our rapidly growing customer base,” Boudreau added.


“Right now we’re seeing a lot of single-device automation, but there hasn’t been enough data for a true ‘smart home’ where devices work together seamlessly to better anticipate lifestyles. Icontrol is one of the first to have the volume of data required for this level of analysis. We’re excited to partner with mnubo to show consumers how a smart home ecosystem can enhance their lives in ways they haven’t even thought of yet." said Letha McLaren, chief marketing officer of Icontrol Networks.


Raising the bottom line with mobile engagement with an enhanced in-store experience and personalized benefits. Predictive analytics and behavioural profiles enhance customer segmentation.


With the Muvbox Base Unit © we set out to create a model that would allow us to scale our production, improve our build quality and lower our prices and lead-times, without compromising on design. With a long history in container modification we have developed a system which allows for multiple configurations out of a single unique Base Unit


The best wi-fi, home or office, wireless security camera & home automation system. Piper is a wireless automated video monitoring. mnubo selected to add advanced data-driven services that accelerate the customized intelligent home experience


“Smart home insights is a crucial part of our growth strategy, we are keen to empower our customers with services to deliver the best-in- market smart home experience,” said Marcus Scheiber, CEO and co- founder of ROC-Connect. “mnubo’s turnkey IoT analytics platform helps us transform our data assets into immediate meaningful insights."


“Stelpro will leverage insights from mnubo to better understand product usage, enable personalization and deliver an enhanced customer experience. Stelpro will also benefit from mnubo’s IoT analytics expertise to drive brand engagement and help consumers derive maximum value from their connected products.”


STOLO aims to impact every second of a normal day: time spent at work, time dedicated to commuting, time spent on fun & entertainment and all the idle moments in between. They design, develop, enrich and streamline products and their interactions

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