Buzz Connect, manufacturers of innovative smart products, including the world’s first smart beer fridge – use IoT insights to understand consumer behaviour, brand engagement, predictive replenishment, as well as to focus marketing and R&D spend


Analytics for Consumer Products

From smart thermostats to connected home appliances – IoT manufacturers are releasing a wave of new smart products that touch every facet of the consumer’s life.

Using IoT analytics, manufacturers can now monitor the active-life of their connected product to:

  • understand and influence usage behaviour
  • analyze product feature feedback
  • drive adoption and engagement
  • empower marketing and sales

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Increase Engagement
Analyze engagement and feature usage to drive adoption and stickiness

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Grow Market Share
Focus product design and feature development to gain a competitive advantage

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Reduce Costs
Understand product issues and leverage usage insights to lower operational costs 

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Product Upsell
Identify upsell opportunities by uncovering patterns in usage behaviour profiles

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