Case Study:

Using a business-first approach, data analytics helped accelerate the transformation of Smart Product Manufacturer (SPM) into a connected business, where they quickly increased sales, optimized services and delighted end-users.


Analytics for Industrial Equipment

Innovations in sensor technologies are resulting in rapid changes in the capabilities of industrial equipment. As ‘digital infrastructures’ continue to develop, industrial equipment manufacturers will need to use advanced analytics to tap into the potential of their industrial product data.  

Manufacturers will need to make data-driven decisions to enhance existing products, empower their dealer ecosystem and build new revenue streams.

  • product improvement and engineering capacity planning
  • predictive maintenance to lower cost of after-market services
  • usage-based service models
  • asset scoring to extend lifetime and reduce maintenance


Preventative Maintenance
Analyze conditions of failure to proactively enable service technicians


Reduce Operational Costs
Improve inventory and truck rolls, and optimize after-market services


Drive New Services
Asset heath and real-time feedback can drive new business models


Augmented Data Analytics
Enrich product sensor data by integrating with business data sources 

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