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An interactive forum for executives to exchange strategies on how to prepare their business for digital transformation

Join us for a fun and inspiring networking event where you’ll get to meet and greet with industry professionals in a relaxed environment with drinks and snacks at one of the most beautiful venues in Old Montreal.

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Mnubo AIoT Summit   

About the Mnubo AIoT Summit

CXOs, SVPs, VPs, and Directors leading transformational  initiatives for their business  attend to share best practices and key learnings

Enable IoT-driven service revenue

Monetize your IoT investments

Build a successful AI+IoT strategy


Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are propelling the new Industrial Revolution giving rise to disruptive innovation, new business models, data-driven decision engines... and much more! 

Industry leaders come together at the Mnubo AIoT Summit to discuss the latest IIoT trends and how their businesses can benefit from the real-life applications to drive meaningful outcomes.

Using IoT insights to boost operational efficiency and after-market services

Enabling new revenue models in IIoT through AI-driven business transformation

Best practises for managing IIoT innovation across your organization




About the Mnubo AIoT Summit

AIoT Summit



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6:00 PM - 11:00 PM 

"The Mnubo AIoT Summit was a collaborative event with lots of great dialogue and idea sharing. From the ‘typical adoption challenges of AI + IoT’ to ‘measuring ROI and building a corporate wide AI + IoT strategy’, panels went beyond industry jargon and provoked a deeper level of conversation."

Peter Grant
CEO - Decision Engines

"The AIoT Summit is an intimate event where you can share your IoT ideas and experiences, and learn from other innovators. The panels offered great lessons and insights. My takeaways were (1) start small and think big and (2) IoT data invariably has value that will surprise you. The Case Study workshop was provocative and fun."

Shane Velan
VP, IT and Strategic Planning - Velan

"The Mnubo AIoT Summit 2018 was great. The hands’ on exercise were very beneficial to get other people in other industries and roles collaborating in solving IoT problems."

Marie-Pierre Belanger
VP Digital Solutions - Pitney Bowes 

"Participating in the AIoT summit was an eye-opening experience. The dormakaba team networked with many companies with similar objectives of digital transformation. The most informative part was understanding the challenge of data monetization. Great place to your start IoT journey or fine tune your data journey. "

Giovanni Iacovino
VP, Strategic Innovation - Dormakaba

"The Mnubo AIoT Summit 2018 was highly relevant to the issues we face in pushing our businesses forward. From Strategy to how you get your IoT investment to pay off, but most relevant to me was from hearing how the other panelist were pushing their after-market services forward, a key component to our business priorities. Looking forward to this year’s event. "

Michael Young
GM - Caterpillar Ventures

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