Debunking the top 5 urban myths of IoT

Creating a connected product that delivers measurable business value is not easy. Maintaining — and growing — that value is even harder. As companies deploy Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategies, more and more myths are created that stall the deployment of viable business innovations.

The Five Myths to be Covered:
1- Security is too hard, costs too much…. and nobody would target our product, right?
2- IoT data is too complex… it’s challenging to derive meaningful insights
3- It’s too risky to rely on a single vendor. DIY is so easy, even for industrial-strength IoT
4- Production means ditching your prototype and starting from scratch
5- An IoT solution requires a minimum $10M investment

Frederic Bastien |CEO at mnubo, Leader in IoT analytics
Hugo Fiennes | CEO at Electric Imp, Experts in secure connectivity and IoT middleware

Emil Bertherlsen | Principal Analyst, Machina Research