Monetize your IoT data with analytics & AI

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Manufacturers increasingly rely on IoT data to transform their product offering. However, they are still struggling to determine where to get started on their IoT journey and how to derive an ROI from their initial IoT investment.

By partnering with analytics solutions providers, these manufacturers can build a data-driven strategy to create incremental value along all phases of their IoT adoption.

Mnubo’s full-stack AIoT platform helps stakeholders achieve their strategic goals across these phases by ingesting sensor data in real-time to deliver actionable insights.

In turn, companies are able to monetize these IoT insights through a series of business use cases: 

  • Boosting user engagement by analyzing product feature usage
  • Improving end-user experience by enabling data-driven features
  • Optimizing service efficiency by understanding asset health and operating conditions
  • Building better products by gaining user feedback and product utilization data

The IoT is a broad concept, but may be confusing to navigate. The adoption of IoT solutions have spread throughout various stakeholders within an organization. While product managers, service teams, sales and marketing, and executives can all derive value from analytics platforms, each group will have its own specific needs. 

To tend to these unique requirements, IoT analytics providers are deploying new, innovative solutions to drive the market forward. However, despite the growth, there are still two recurring questions plaguing companies today: 

  • Where do I get started?
  • How can I derive an ROI from my initial investment?