4 Ways Thermostat Data Can Drive Efficiency

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Drawing from an IoT product manufacturer’s experience, this guide will examine how data can accelerate the transformation of a standalone connected thermostat controller into an integrated smart home solution. Smart thermostat data brings end-to-end value to customers, appliance manufacturers, utility companies, and product manufacturers. The value derived from IoT data is showcased through energy efficiency and savings, distributed automated demand response (ADR), and improved customer comfort. 

However, when left to their own means, many smart home manufacturers may find it difficult to extract actionable business value from their IoT product data. Partnering instead with analytics providers helps these manufacturers bridge the gaps with the delivery of a data-driven, personalized, and engaging customer experience. 

By ingesting real-time event data from products and interaction data from the app, Mnubo’s full-stack AIoT Platform delivers actionable insights to the appropriate stakeholders, which then:

  1. Enables high-value data-driven use cases for the thermostat company, the appliance manufacturer, and the utility provider, such as energy optimization and distributed ADR
  2. Boosts customer experience with usage profiles on efficiency and comfort
  3. Builds better products with real-time visibility over the connected install base and proactive insights on product diagnostics


A connected thermostat manufacturer brought to market an innovative energy management solution that controls electric heating systems, hot water appliances, and other high-energy products. The data was used for energy consumption optimization, distributed ADR, smart product diagnostics, and better customer experience.